Attended/Participated by Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid

2017   31-01-2017 to 02-02-2017

“Workshop on access to Technology for Innovation and Establishing a Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) Network in Pakistan” at HEC, Islamabad

2015   16-04-2015 to 20-04-2015

“5 Day HEC Indigenous On-Campus Training” at University of Gujrat, Gujrat

2016   09-12-2016 to 11-12-2016

“Material Modelling and Simulation” at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

2014   10-03-2013 to 14-03-2013

“International Scientific Spring” at National Center of Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan

2013   25-11-2013 to 29-11-2013

School on ‘Multi-scale and Multi-field Representations of Condensed Matter Behavior’ in Pisa, Italy

2013   11-03-2013 to 15-03-2013

“International Scientific Spring” at National Center of Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan

2011   15-11-2011 to 17-11-2011

“PPS conference on Frontiers in Physics” at UOG, Gujrat

2010   01-03-2010 to 02-03-2010

“Outcome Based Assessment workshop at  UMT Lahore

2006   13-03-2006 to 16-03-2006

“PIP International Conference” at  Physics department, UET Lahore

2006   27-03-2006 to 31-03-2006

“1st Meeting of Nobel Laureates with Pakistani Students” at PINSTECH/Marriott, Islamabad.

2004   05-10-2004 to 05-17-2004

“Participant of Teacher’s Course of the Intel Teach to the Future Program” by Intel at Govt. College, M. B. Din

2002   05-08-2002 to 31-08-2002

Four Week’s Training Workshop for Secondary School Teachers as Master Trainer in the Subject of Physics arranged by Directorate of Staff development in Punjab, M. B. Din

2002   07-07-2002 to 27-07-2002

Attended Orientation workshop of Master Trainers in Subject of Physics for Secondary School Teachers arranged by Directorate of Staff development, Lahore

2002   10-06-2002 to 19-06-2002

Workshop on revised Curriculum of B.Sc. arranged by Directorate of Staff development, Gujrat, Punjab

1998   16-11-1998 to 21-11-1998

Training Course in Physics workshop arranged by University Grants Commission/ UGC at Regional Center, Lahore.

Attended/Participated by Dr. Muhammad Isa Khan

2019    9-04-2019 to 10-04-2019

As organizing seceratry “National workshop on material modelling and simulation” on organized by Material Science Group, department of physics, University of Gujrat.

2019    28-03-2019 to 29-03-2019

 “1st national workshop on computing, analysis and simulation of nanomaterials” on 28-29 March 2019 in NILORE, Islamabad.

2019    26-02-2019

“One day hands on skills training on writing with latex”, organized by Department of statistics, university of Gujrat

2018    20-11-2018, 22-11-2018 to 23-02-2018

3 days training workshop on “improving quality of teaching for academic excellence as organized by HRDC, at university of Gujrat. 

2018    12-11-2018 to 14-11-2018

International workshop on “2D materails & Quantum effect devices” as organized by department of Physics, PIEAS

2018    02-10-2018 to 04-10-2018

3 days “5th national workshop on modelling and simulation of materials” organized by Theoractical physics division and physics division in PINTECH Nilore, Islamabad.

2018    06-02-2018 to 08-02-2018

Workshop on “Three days Hands and Skills Workshop of SPSS for UOG researchers” as organized by department of statistics university of Gujrat.

2017    15-12-2017

Participated in a workshop on “Systematic Literature review” at as organized by university of Gujrat.

2017    29-03-2017 to 30-03-2017

2 days interdisciplinary national workshop on “chromatography and mass spectroscopy” as organized by department of chemistry university of Gujrat.